Corperate facts: Founded in 1984

Managing Director: Arne Fabricius Madsen

Corperate History:
In 1984 under the name of AMTek APS i founded a company which was a industry leader in pumps, water-drilling and dewatering systems for the scandinavian market. After several years of workmanship for the nordic customers a portion of our company was sold to Goulds Pump America which had shown a great interests in the Nordic market and wanted to strengthen our market position.

In 1998 Goulds Pump a section of company was bought by ITT industries and the rest of AMTEK organisation was sold as well in a joint venture. In 1999 of the request of many our AMTek APS old customers i founded AFM-teknik as a consultant for companies in Scandinavia.

Our vision: Deliver the best service and pumps for public

To create the best possible service possible for companies and our partners. We feel the Pump-industry has to improve alot in regards to expertise help, better support and scoping projects. We at AFM-teknik want to be the first mover to imbetter the industry as a whole.